How to use body hammers and dollies

Keep going because repairing damages to your automobile is a complex task! Nobody begins off as an expert. how to use body hammers and dollies? It is an art form, with each person having a unique strategy. However, before working on your car, you must select suitable tools.

There are many types. Picking the right one will make things much more manageable. Do not worry if your vehicle appears to have collided with a shopping cart. With the correct tools and methods, you can remove those dents. Body hammers and dollies are like magic wands for metal.

They let you fix dents and bumps without having to repaint. So, if you’re prepared to take on those dents, collect your dollies and body hammers, and let’s get to work! Learn: Best automotive paint coverage calculator.

What is a hammer and dolly set used for?

How to use body hammers and dollies? You must first know what they do and how they work together.

  • Hammers

A hammer is a simple yet effective tool used in businesses and homes. It includes a strong head connected to a long handle. This head applies force to anything you strike. Some hammers even feature a cutting tool on the other end to make cuts. For example, there are hammers for bumping, picking, and chiseling.

There are also hammers for shrinking and slapping. Each type is for a specific task. The proper hammer is critical for working with metal. Avoid using a claw hammer. Instead, use a body hammer. It is a flat-headed tool made for metalwork. These hammers are for forming metal. They come in many forms for different tasks.

  • Dolly

A dolly is a vital piece of equipment for shaping metal without making it stretch. It helps with metal panels. Dollies come in many sizes and forms, such as egg, toe, wedge, heel, and utility shapes. The metalworker adorns the metal with curves. These forms shape it accurately. 

Body hammers and dollies may look simple to use. However, using them well and getting good results requires expertise and practice.

body hammers and dollies

 How to use body hammers And Dollies

Using dollies and body hammers may make fixing car dents look simple, but it requires skill. Here’s how to carry it out:

  1. Collect your tools: You will need a hammer and a dolly.
  2. Be safe: Put on gloves and eyewear.
  3. Tidy up: Ensure that the area is tidy.
  4. Move behind the dent: Position the dolly there.
  5. Gently tap: Tap all around the dent with the hammer.

Extra advice:

  • Have patience since it requires time.
  • Heat is beneficial because it softens metal.
  • Start using scrap metal as a practice.

You’ll become more proficient at using body hammers and dollies with practice.

Auto-body hammers and dollies price

The following lists many kinds of car body hammers and dollies, along with their prices:

  1. Body Hammer: Craftsmen use the body hammer, a smooth tool, to strike metal. The range of prices is $20 to $50.
  2. Shrinking Hammer: It starts at $25 and smooths away metal flaws.
  3. Slide Hammer: This tool, which costs between $50 and $150, removes dents.
  4. Flat Panel Dolly: $20 starts to straighten flat surfaces.
  5. Spoon Dolly: $20 to $30; metal shape; curved shape.
  6. Flange Dolly (beginning at $15): works on lips and edges.

Note that costs might differ according to brand and class. Select the set that best suits your needs.


How do you do bodywork with a hammer?

You may slowly bend the metal back into shape by gently knocking it with a body hammer on a dolly behind the dent.

Can I make a dent in my car?

You can fix a small dent with a dolly. But, for the best outcome and to avoid more harm, consider hiring a pro to fix it or using a paintless dent removal kit.


Finally, to properly repair dents and bumps on cars, you must learn How to use body hammers and dollies. Though it may look simple, expertise and practice are necessary for the best outcomes. You can master metal repair by knowing its functions and practicing its application.

Always put safety first, and ensure you have the correct tools for the job. So, if you’re ready to fix those dents, gather your supplies. Let’s start using dollies and body hammers.

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