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Having the correct tools is important while doing car repairs. Fuel lines on your car may be risky to work on, especially when they are broken. Fear not! fuel line disconnect tool harbor freight offers many tools to simplify it! But it might be difficult to choose the best one because there are so many options. With this guide, you can select the best instrument for your car and budget. Read More: How to use fuel line disconnect tools?

Understand each one in simple terms. Harbour Freight has a variety of fuel line disconnect tools. They make removing fuel lines from your car safe and simple. Listed below are some of their top choices:

Set of 3 Quick Disconnect Tools:
  • The package includes sizes 3/8″, 1/2″, and 5/8″.
  • The solid steel construction ensures that they won’t break during normal use.
Tool Set for Fuel and Transmission Line Disconnect, 4 Pieces:
  • Features like the one in the three-piece set, plus:
  • An extra instrument made especially for Ford quick-connect links.
6-piece Fuel Line Disconnect Tool 
  • The set includes 6 tools, sized 5/16″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, and 7/8″.
  • Works with a range of fuel lines and air conditioning connections.
MADDOX Seven-Piece Fuel and Transmission Line Disconnect Tool Set
  • Contains the four-piece set of tools.
  • Includes extra tools for GM and Chrysler fits.
Tool Set for Master Disconnect:
  • The largest collection is now in use.
  • Ideal for experts or those who work on a variety of car models.

This instruction will make fuel line disconnections simple, no matter your experience level. Thus, gather your tools, follow the safety advice, and take on those lines!

Ford Fuel Line Disconnect Tool Harbor Freight

You can easily disconnect the fuel line. Use the fuel line disconnect tool harbor freight. This tool will save you time and money on car repairs. It makes sure that repairing the fuel system on your Ford is simple and fits tightly. Because Ford gasoline lines are not like those of other cars, you will need specialised tools to fix them. Here are two excellent choices:

1. CTA Tools 1810: 

It is simple to use and works with common Ford fuel line sizes (5/16″ and 3/8″). Excellent for easy tasks and is reasonably priced.

2. AC Delco Fuel Line Disconnect Tool Set: 

This set includes tools for a broad range of Ford fuel line shapes and sizes. It’s more expensive than the basic tool, but it works well for many Ford models and difficult tasks.

Tool to disconnect the fuel line

The fuel line disconnect tool harbor freight ensures smooth work on other fuel system parts. It makes replacing a fuel filter or fixing the fuel pump easy. This tool makes it possible to remove fuel lines quickly and safely. It prevents damage and leaks. It’s important to use the proper tool while disconnecting fuel lines. These are some typical choices:

Disconnect pliers for fuel lines.
  • To grip and remove fuel line clips, use these pliers.
  • They have a jaw that curves into a V to fit around the clip.
  • A lever on the pliers allows for simple release.
pliers for snap rings:
  • Like pliers used to tool to disconnect fuel line.
  • Have a larger jaw so you can hold onto various snap rings, such as those used to fasten fuel lines.
screwdriver with a flat blade: 
  • Used to pry some fuel lines’ clamps free.
  • You must take care to avoid damaging the fuel line or the clip at the same time.
A line wrench:
  • A specialised tool for releasing and tightening nuts on fuel lines.
  • Made clearly for this purpose to ensure a solid grip and avoid slippage.

Make sure the tool you use is the correct size for the fuel line you’re working on.

fuel line disconnect tool gm

Fuel line disconnect tool GM

General Motors vehicles must use the fuel line disconnect tool gm. It makes it easier to repair fuel lines. The design allows for easy disconnection. Whether you’re an expert or just getting started, this tool is great. Get the fuel line disconnect tool harbor freight. This tool will make it easier to maintain your GM car’s fuel system. Tools Required for GM Fuel Line Repairs:

The Basic Disconnect Tool

CTA Tools 5071: Flex Fuel Line Disconnect Tool GM
  • Low-cost solution for GM 5.3L V8 fuel filter disconnects.
  • Designed to easily remove quick-connect fittings from 5.3L V8 GM fuel filters.
  • Suitable for the fuel line sizes used on these engines.

Expanded Coverage

The Master Disconnect Tool Set:
  • The entire kit is designed for all GM fuel line fittings.
  • Ideal for professional or multipurpose vehicle use.
  • Broad coverage for various fuel line requirements in GM cars.

Particular to a brand:

Tool Set for MADDOX Fuel and Transmission Line Disconnects:
  • It features a variety of tools for quick-connecting fittings. The fittings are on the fuel and transmission lines.
  • Has special tools for GM’s unique quick-connect fittings.
  • Perfect for GM owners or those who work on these cars frequently.

Toyota fuel line disconnect tool

Owners of Toyota cars need the Toyota fuel line disconnect tool harbor freight. It’s essential. Its user-friendly design makes fuel line repairs easier. It ensures easy fuel servicing across a variety of Toyota car models.


Lisle 39210: Disconnect the Main Fuel Line:
  • An affordable method for removing the primary 5/16″ fuel line on Nissan and Toyota vehicles.
  • The flexible design facilitates easy disconnect even in restricted locations.
  • Especially made to be user-friendly on a variety of Nissan and Toyota vehicles.
CTA Tools 1800 Fuel Line Disconnect Tool for Toyota/Nissan:
  • Close to the Lisle tool but more flexible.
  • Included with a special Ford quick-connect fitting tool.
  • Offers flexibility for servicing Ford and Toyota models.
Tool Kit for ACDelco Fuel Line Disconnect:
  • This kit gives you extra coverage. It includes several tools for different Toyota fuel lines.
  • It also supports metric sizes, which is excellent for many kinds of jobs.
  • It’s perfect for anyone who must service Toyota fuel lines for various tasks.
Tool Set for Master Disconnect:
  • Complete set of tools for most fuel line fittings, not only Toyotas.
  • Perfect for experts or anybody dealing in different cars.

What tool is used to disconnect fuel lines?

Pliers or a flathead screwdriver may work well for simple fuel line disconnects. Specific tools make it simple and secure to replace fuel lines. These tools include the Ford Fuel Line Disconnect Tool. They also include the GM Flex Fuel Line Disconnect Tool. They also include the toyota fuel line disconnect tool. These tools ensure secure connections.


What size is a fuel line disconnect?

identification of the tool’s 5/16 and 3/8-inch sizes. This makes it simple to choose the appropriate size for your needs.

What is a fuel line fitting?

A fuel line fitting is a specific link that safely and waterproofly attaches fuel lines. It permits fuel to move throughout the engine system. 

Where is the fuel cut-off switch?

The fuel cut-off switch’s position varies with each car. It might be under a side panel near the driver’s door, the footrest location, or under the car. The fuel pump cut-off automatically blocks fuel from coming out of the tank. The switch is frequently hidden under a piece of plastic.

How much pressure is in a fuel line?

The switch is frequently hidden under a piece of plastic. The engine and fuel system of your car might affect the necessary fuel pressure. Modern high-performance engines can demand as much as 414 kPa (60 PSI). In contrast, carbureted engines can operate with as little as 28 kPa (4 PSI).


In conclusion, proper tooling is necessary for safe and effective fuel line servicing. Fuel line disconnect tool harbor freight for various car types. They have complete kits and simple setups. You can confidently perform fuel system repairs. Just use the right tool and follow the safety procedures. Harbour Freight’s services make fuel line repair simple. They’re priced for all vehicle owners. This ensures their cars run smoothly and trouble-free.

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