BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool For iPhone And Android

The popular BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android can connect to your car’s OBD port. It works with Android and iPhones. This scanning tool connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It displays live data. It reads and makes sense. Fault codes or diagnostic trouble codes.

It also provides vehicle and battery-specific information. BlueDriver Scan Tool’s iOS/Android compatibility is a significant benefit. Whether you have an Android or iPhone, the BlueDriver app lets you analyse OBD system data. This makes it a versatile, adaptable tool that works with many devices.

The BlueDriver app is full of information. Advanced diagnostics let you read manufacturer-specific information for deeper analysis. This goes beyond generic codes. The app provides repair reports to help you fix car issues. Smog detection is another benefit of the BlueDriver Scan Tool. The app lets you track your car’s emissions readiness and get real-time smog test results. If your area has strict emissions regulations, this can be very helpful.

The BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool is convenient and complete. It’s for car diagnosis and tracking. The app’s advanced features and interface make it worthwhile for expert mechanics. It’s also helpful for auto enthusiasts. It also has iOS and Android connectivity.


Product Dimensions: 3.4″D x 9″W x 1.2″H

Item Weight: 2.2 Pounds

Amperage: 2000 Amps

Peak Output Current: 2000 Amps

Item Weight: 2.2 pounds

You need one lithium polymer battery for the batteries. (included)

Bulb Type: 3 LED Modes (Flashlight, Strobe Light, and SOS Light)

When Selecting a BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android

The BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool makes finding and fixing problems with your car easier. It works with Android and iPhones. They can set up a Bluetooth connection with this powerful smartphone diagnostic tool. It is a scanning tool. It reads engine codes and finds problems.

It also does several precise tests to give you a good idea of how well your car is doing. Many people interested in or owning cars use it to make maintenance decisions. They want to keep their vehicles in good shape and find problems early on.

Before you buy, consider getting a BlueDriver Wireless Pro OBDII Scan Tool. It works with iPhones and Android. Take a look at these things:


Check whether the scanning tool works with your Android or iPhone smartphone. Check the list of operating systems and supported versions. Ensure your connection is strong.

Vehicle Compatibility:

For sure, the scan tool should match the make, model, and year of your car. Some scan tools might only work with some car brands or older model years.

Features and Functionality:

Think about what the scan tool can do and what features it has. Read and clear diagnostic problem codes (DTCs). Stream live data, freeze frame data, and check engine readiness status. If needed, perform specific functions, like ABS or SRS diagnostics. These are some things you need to find.

App Interface:

Find out how to use and run the companion app. Make sure it lets you export and log data. It should provide detailed information and explanations for DTCs. It should also offer ideas for fixing problems.

Data Display:

Think about how easy it is to read the information on your phone. Make sure the app has charts and graphs that are easy to read and data updates that happen in real-time.

Update Frequency:

Examine how often the developers update the scan tool’s software and apps. If you update it, the scan tool will work with new car models and have improved features and functions.

Customer Support:

Choose a manufacturer with good customer service. Contact them if you have any problems or questions about the app or scan tool.

Your needs:

A basic OBDII scanner should be able to read and clear check engine lights. The BlueDriver Pro is better for carrying out more complex diagnostics. For example, I made repair reports and saw data in real-time.


Think about your budget and compare how much different scanning tools cost. Finding a tool that works for you is essential, but watch out for cheap ones that need improvement or work well.

Blue Driver Bluetooth Pro obdii Scan Tool Review

I cannot give real-time reviews. Most reviews of the BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool have been positive. People like how easy it is to use. They also appreciate how well it works with iPhones and Android phones. They also like that the wireless Bluetooth connection doesn’t need bulky cords.

People have said good things about getting access to real-time data and diagnostics. They enjoy detailed reports on engine codes and performance parameters. Its easy-to-use interface and regular app updates make it a good user experience. Automobile owners think the BlueDriver Scan Tool offers valuable data about their car’s condition.

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool

Do you love doing their repairs? The BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool is perfect for auto enthusiasts. You can connect it to your phone and use it on iPhone and Android devices. This makes your phone a powerful diagnostic tool. You can get a lot of real-time data from this device.

You can read and clear check engine codes and get detailed information about how your car is running. The app’s interface is easy for beginners. The more advanced features are for people who have used it before. It helps you watch your car’s health and fix problems before they become big problems.

Blue driver Bluetooth pro obdii scan tool for iPhone

The BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone changes how auto-diagnostics work. This small gadget connects to your iPhone. It transforms the phone into a comprehensive diagnostic tool for automotive issues. You can access a wealth of real-time data with a wireless Bluetooth connection.

You can also read and check engine codes. This can give you extra insight into your car’s operation. The application is suitable for serious and casual users. Its interface makes it easy to navigate. The BlueDriver Scan Tool for iPhone is a dependable way to monitor your car’s condition. Use it to fix issues or keep an eye on them.

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