All About Automotive Industry in the PH

The Philippines’ automotive scene isn’t about cars. It’s a vibrant landscape with traditional, colourful, and well-designed vehicles. Still share the road with modern vehicles. This blend of tradition and innovation makes navigating the streets a fascinating experience. reflecting the nation’s rich cultural diversity. All About automotive industry in the Ph. Local manufacturers and international brands contribute to a diverse market. Industries are essential for the country’s economic growth as demand keeps increasing. providing jobs and fostering technological advancements.

Philippine automotive industry analysis

 In recent years, the industry has shifted gears, experiencing a notable rise in sales. Brands like Toyota and Honda rev up the competition, steering towards dominance. The growth rate has been impressive, with an upward trajectory in vehicle ownership and market expansion. Over the past decade, All About automotive industry in the Ph has experienced significant growth, with a surge in both local and international brands. Recognized global players like Toyota, Honda, and Ford continue to dominate the market. The years 2018 and 2019 saw a remarkable increase in vehicle sales, contributing to the industry’s robust performance.

 The CAMPI-TMA has updated its vehicle sales estimation for 2023 to 423,000 units, signifying a 20% increase over the actual sales recorded in 2022. The head of CAMPI claims that. the local automobile industry will exceed pre-pandemic peak sales. achieve full recovery by 2023, based on the current trend, and complete the industry recovery by 2023.

Top automotive companies in the Philippines

 Renowned automakers have a big influence all about automotive industry in the ph. Popular brands include Ford Philippines. Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC), Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), and Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP). are famous for their creativity, dependability, and wide range of car options. 

Their influence extends to various market sectors, making a significant contribution to the strong force in the nation’s automotive sector. These top companies continue to influence the automotive industry in the Philippines. with their creative methods and wide range of products, making them important figures in the dynamic Philippine automotive scene.

The top 10 car brands in the Philippines

 In the dynamic automotive landscape of the Philippines, a myriad of car brands cater to the diverse needs and preferences of consumers. About automotive industry in the Ph. From the bustling urban streets to the scenic countryside. The choices available reflect a rich tapestry of options, combining reliability, performance, and style. 

The Philippines showcased a diverse automotive landscape, with several prominent car brands gaining traction in the market. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the top 10 car brands in the Philippines:

  1. Toyota: In 1937, Japan founded the Toyota Motor Corporation. and by 2022, Toyota Motor Corporation overtook the Volkswagen Group. to become the world’s top automotive manufacturer and retailer of global sales. Securing the top spot, AffToyota continued to dominate the market with its lineup of reliable models, including the Vios, Innova, and Fortuner, catering to both urban and adventurous drivers.
  2. Mitsubishi is one of the leading automakers in the Philippines. Mitsubishi is well-known for its wide range of automobiles, which includes dependable SUVs and cheap cars. Many Filipino drivers prefer Mitsubishi automobiles for their stylish yet functional appeal. driven by strong performance and innovative features.
  3. Ford: In the Philippines, a well-known automobile brand is Ford, which offers a wide range of vehicles, including robust trucks and adaptable SUVs. Ford cars attract drivers seeking comfort and performance due to their innovative technologies. and reputation for dependability. In the Philippine car industry, the brand is still a reliable option.
  4. Nissan: Nissan is a popular brand in the Philippine auto industry. offering a variety of vehicles, including stylish sedans and powerful SUVs. Filipino drivers appreciate Nissan cars for their innovative features and fuel efficiency. The brand’s commitment to quality solidifies its position. as a reliable choice in the Philippine automotive market.
  5. Suzuki: Suzuki is famed for compact cars and fuel efficiency. secured the seventh rank, with the Ciaz and Vitara appealing to budget-conscious buyers. In 1909, Michio Suzuki founded the business with looms for the silk industry. and diversified into cars in 1937. After a brief detour to loom production during World War II, Suzuki overcame 1951 challenges, returning to vehicle manufacturing. In the Philippines, Suzuki Philippines (SPH) achieved a pandemic-era breakthrough. selling 9,987 units. The Suzuki Carry, Ertiga MPV, and Dzire led, contributing over 58% of sales volume.
  6. Honda: Honda is a well-known carmaker in the Philippines, with a wide range of models including the Civic, Accord, CR-V, and City. The Japanese brand’s innovative equipment, elegant styling, and exceptional fuel efficiency have had a significant impact. on the worldwide auto industry. Due to its robust dealer network and excellent reputation for quality, Filipinos chose Honda because they were looking for a vehicle. that combines performance and usefulness.
  7. Hyundai: Founded by Chung Ju-yung in 1947, Hyundai Motor Company emerged in 1967. introducing its first model, the Cortina, in collaboration with Ford in 1968. Hyundai appointed Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) as the official distributor in the Philippines in August 2001. Renowned for feature-rich cars, Hyundai claimed the sixth spot, with models like the Accent and Tucson meeting the needs. of practical and style-conscious consumers.
  8. Chevrolet: maintaining a stable position. Chevrolet’s models, like the Colorado and Trailblazer, continued to attract consumers. seeking robust vehicles suitable for various terrains.
  9. Isuzu is recognized for its durable pickup trucks and SUVs. Isuzu claimed the ninth position. with the D-Max and MU-X appealing to those requiring toughness and versatility.
  10.  Volkswagen: Infusing a touch of European sophistication. Volkswagen secured the tenth spot with models like the Santana and Tiguan. attracting consumers who value style, performance, and advanced technology.

 The worst car brands in the Philippines:

 About automotive industry in the Ph. Some auto brands have gained a bad reputation for unreliability and recurring problems. Criticisms include poor construction quality, frequent malfunctions, and higher maintenance expenses.

 These issues often lead to unsatisfactory ownership experiences. Impacting customer satisfaction due to contentious after-sales support. Prospective car buyers in the Philippines should check performance. and reliability by checking reputable sources, user reviews, and expert opinions. 

Prioritising factors like warranty coverage, maintenance costs, and service network is crucial when choosing a car for a more satisfying experience. and trouble-free drive on Philippine roads. To ensure a positive and trouble-free ownership experience. Filipino consumers should conduct extensive research on user evaluations and professional comments. and dependability ratings before buying.

Automotive industry PH 2024

In 2024, About automotive industry in the Ph will thrive due to innovation and sustainability, government subsidies, and a rising number of conscious consumers, boosting the popularity of electric cars (EVs). Local manufacturers collaborate with multinational companies to introduce modern technology. and enhance production capacities. The industry’s expansion encourages economic growth and job creation. 

Autonomous vehicles and ride-sharing are transforming urban mobility. But challenges such as inadequate infrastructure and environmental concerns persist. The Philippines, with its dynamic landscape, positions itself as a major player in the automotive industry, meeting specific regional needs while staying ahead of global trends.


Is the automotive industry growing in the Philippines?

Philippine new vehicle sales soared to 314,843 units between January and September. marking a 26.9% increase from the previous year. per CAMPI and the Truck Manufacturers Association.

 What is the largest all about automotive industry in the PH?

Toyota Motor Philippine Corporation

Which is the No. 1 car brand in the Philippines?

No. 1 car brand in the Philippines is Toyota.

 Is Toyota made in the Philippines?

TMP has made only Toyota products in the Philippines since 1989.

What car brand is from the Philippines?

Sarao Motors and Francisco Motors Corporation


The Philippine automotive industry is a dynamic sector. with prominent players like Toyota and Mitsubishi. Fueled by government support, it faces challenges such as high import taxes. Yet, the industry adapts, showing significant growth in new vehicle sales. reflecting resilience and potential for expansion.

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